Hello, welcome to my website.

I’m Adrian Peck, CEO of a software house in Boston. Although the business is small and still in its initial stages, I’m proud of it. We have a small but efficient office with a team of 9 employees. Everyone has their own cubicle where they can work in peace and come up with innovative software solutions to impress the customers.

As the CEO of the place, I believe it’s my duty to take good care of my employees. Good care does not simply mean good wages, although that’s understandably a major part. I also make sure that the time they spend here is comfortable and enjoyable.

The comfort of the employees is especially important in my business since the mind must be at peace to be able to come up with ideas. The workstation needs to have ample space for a laptop and accessories. The office chair needs to be comfortable enough to let the employees sit for long hours in the same position without giving them a backache.

They’re all my friends, most of us being the founding members. Maybe that’s the reason I take their wellbeing so seriously. We even have a tennis table and a couple of sofas around it where we all lounge together during lunchtime. After some snacks and coffee, we take turns for a tennis match.

Lucas, our customer services manager, is also the table tennis champion. Everyone hates losing to him so much that once we unanimously banned him from the table for an entire week. So you can imagine how fun it is to work at the place. We are a family and the entire team thinks that way.

Before setting the office, we spent hours researching the best products. The founding members and I had in mind a workplace in which every employee would look forward to coming. And after tremendous effort, we have managed to do so.

From the office chairs, workstation and multimedia to laptops and printers, everything has been picked out very carefully. Together with the comfort and convenience of our employees, we are also very particular about the efficiency and productivity of the business.

My craving for office products isn’t over yet. Even after setting up the office, I’m always on the lookout for new stuff and bring in anything that interests me. This habit of mine also keeps the employees happy.

Since I know so much about office products, I thought other businessmen should too. Improving the decor of the space and bringing in new, more advanced electronics might be exactly what your business needs for a boost.

So here I am, with all my knowledge and experience before you in the form of this website, Beast Office. If you’re ready to begin a new business or even if you’ve been running one for a long time and wish to improve productivity, the website will be your guide.

I hope you find it useful and turn your office into a diva!

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Dr. Sana Tanveer

I'm Dr. Sana Tanveer, I am a licensed Physiotherapist, Council Of Allied Health Sciences Pakistan and a member of Pakistan Physical Therapy Association. Movement is a medicine which I give to create change in person's physical, emotional, and mental status. I can make difference within a person's life. You will find useful health-related guides on Beast Office according to my experience and knowledge.