Your hand and wrist need to be comfortable as you work through the mouse so that your entire forearm can stay in a comfortable position so you may be able to work for long hours without having the need to switch positions or take breaks.

It is especially important if you have severe wrist conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or if you want to prevent it in the first place.

Therefore, you require a mousepad with wrist support that will allow you to use the laptop or computer for a long time with no risk of causing discomfort or pain to your wrist and forearm.

It is especially important for artists, office workers, and students, as well as gamers who take their work seriously and want to continue doing their activities without any hindrance.

Desk Mat Vs. Mouse Pad - Which One Do You Need Most
A desk mat and mouse pad are two main essentials you need while working or gaming to improve desktop cleanliness and keep everything organized. The desk mat is important to protect the surface from scratches, scuffs, and spills.

Sometimes it cannot be easy to find the right kind of support, especially if you are buying things off the internet, which presents an array of products that may or may not be good.

You need carefully researched and reviewed products you can trust for a long time. A good and comfortable mouse pad with wrist support has a soft outer fabric, a gel or soft filling inside, and offers a great non-slip grip feature.

This article presents a selection of the five best mouse pads with wrist support based on their support, durability, and customer satisfaction.

5 Best Mousepads With Wrist Support – BeastOffice

The five best mouse pads with wrist support collected in this list are analyzed based on their comfort level, outer and inner composition, and grip features.

1. MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad

MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad

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The MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad is a soft and smooth mouse pad for wrist support with a gel filling inside of it, which is non-sticky. It has a soft and smooth outer surface made up of high-quality lycra, which allows a non-slip functioning on the desktop surface and an ideal grip needed for continuous work hours.

It is designed perfectly with a great size that is ideal for keeping your wrist and forearm supported while you work. This mouse pad helps relieve the pressure on the wrist and prevents straining and mobility disorders of the hand.

It works well with all kinds of mice, such as wireless, wired, mechanical, etc. The mouse smoothly glides over the mouse pad allowing for effortless movement and usage.

The mouse pad has reinforced edges which means it will last longer as the edges will prevent the pad from wearing out before time. The customer support offers help and assistance on all matters, and the mouse pad comes with a money-back guarantee to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

User feedback:

All users mentioned that this is the most comfortable mouse pad they have ever used and invested money in. It works well with most mice, and the support for the wrist is soft and firm if used on a flat desktop surface. It is completely slip-resistant and holds on to the surface without causing any hindrance to performance.

It allows provides more accurate usage of the mouse, making it glide. It also looks good without taking up a lot of space, and users have reported less pain and discomfort in their wrists and forearm after using this product.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is a perfect product because it has a perfect grip, an ideal wrist rest and support feature as well a smooth surface for better mouse functioning. I highly recommend it.


  • A smooth lycra fabric surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • An ideal shape that provides maximum comfort
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • None

2. Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad

Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad

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The Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad comes with a thick and rigid wrist rest area that is soft and smooth. It is perfect as a travel companion or for use at home and office. It has a comfortable gel filling inside of it that offers the perfect amount of support and comfort for your wrist and the forearm and prevents numbing and soreness.

The soft and silky surface of the mouse pad allows smooth functioning of the mouse with maximum accuracy and prevents the mouse from being too slippery, and It offers a perfect grip on the surface it is used on. It improves the posture of your wrist and forearm, keeping it comfortable and pain-free.

User Feedback

All users agree that this is first-off a very cost-efficient product that offers premium quality features at such an affordable price. It is super soft and comfortable, and the wrist rest prevents pressure on the wrist and forearm.

All the users say that this mousepad allows perfect movement of the wrist and arm, which allows your arm to be trained in a way that it will not hurt anymore. Also, the soft mouse pad with wrist support prevents the wrist from being bruised and strained.

The users mention that this is a highly durable product that can be trusted in the long run. The shape of the pad is also praised by the customers saying it is much better than the square and oval-shaped pads and does not take up much space on the table or desk.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is an excellent choice because it provides excellent support and comfort to the wrist, it has a non-slip function, it is cost-effective, it comes with a wide area for smooth and free wrist movement, and the shape of the pad allows a comfortable gliding movement for the mouse.


  • Gel-filled mousepad for soft surface
  • Washable
  • Perfect for all kinds of mice
  • Provides support for the entire forearm
  • Travel-friendly


  • None

3. 3M Precise Mouse Pad

3M Precise Mouse Pad

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This 3M Precise Mouse Pad comes with an adhesive backing and is a thin and portable mouse pad that you can take anywhere with you with ease and stick on the back of your laptops, so you never lose it.

You can choose its position according to your preference, and it also enhances the precision and accuracy of the mouse by providing a smooth gliding surface. The design of this mouse pad allows saving the battery life of the wireless mice because it reduces the current being drawn from the mouse surface.

This product is perfect for users who have to travel a lot, as this is a lightweight mouse pad that provides you with a smooth, thin surface and increases the performance of your mouse.

Because the mouse pad is so smooth, it causes less tension and pressure on your wrist and forearm, making it easier for you to perform continuously without having consistent pain.

User feedback:

All users say this is a mouse pad that has helped them work from home and on the go. This mouse pad allows the mouse to glide smoothly, with accurate movement and function that allows smooth and fast functioning and gets the work done in half the time. It does not allow the mouse to cause pain in the wrist because it works so smoothly that there is little to no pressure on the hand function.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this is a great choice of mouse pad because it is smooth and sleek, which allows your performance to be enhanced and precise, putting less strain on your arm and wrist.


  • Sleek and smooth design
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Repositionable adhesive backing
  • Saves battery of wireless mice


  • None

4. Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

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This Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad is made up of a long-lasting foundation to rest your wrist on and use your mouse smoothly so that the speed and performance are not compromised in any way.

The wrist rest is made up of a gel that molds to the shape of your wrist, providing unmatched comfort and support for your wrist and the forearm without causing pain or numbness.

The mouse pad also allows the flow of oxygen and cool air so that the ventilation door stays open, ensuring that your hands do not get moist or sweaty while doing work. The mouse pad is easy to clean because of its smooth surface and strong base, which helps to relax your wrist and arm, cutting down the strain.

User feedback:

Overall, the users praise this mouse is, first of all, super easy to clean if it gets dusty or dirty and lasts perfectly for two years without any issues with the gel mold.

It does not cause any pain or tension on the wrist, allows fast functioning and movement of the mouse, and automatically improves wrist function simultaneously.

It also enhances the precision of the mouse movement and its pointer performance. The mouse pad base is sturdy and slip-resistant, making it even more dependable.

My verdict on the product:

I recommend this product because it is an ergonomically designed mouse pad that provides comfort, smooth functioning of the mouse, and eases the pressure on your wrist. The gel mold takes up the shape of your wrist, providing an ideal comfortable position.


  • Strong material and sturdy a sturdy base that does not slip out of place
  • Smooth, washable surface suitable for all seasons
  • The gel mold is soft and firm


  • Some users complained about the gel bursting
  • The gel mold is uncomfortable for some users and causes them pain

5. Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

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The Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad by Vornnex is a carefully designed mouse pad that provides ease of usability with a comfortable design that reduces strain and tension on the wrist and forearm.

It comes with a memory foam which provides a light, smooth, comfortable, long-lasting, and breathable construction that supports your wrist for maximum benefits. It does not get flat by continuous use and returns back to its original form after use.

It is a cost-effective mouse pad that provides premium-quality features at a user-friendly price and is a must-have for your work desk. This mouse pad is non-slippery and stays in position without slipping out of place. It not only prevents wrist pain but also supports your entire arm, including the shoulder.

User feedback:

Overall, users deem this product a comfortable and cost-efficient product that offers comfort, support, style, and ease. All the users agree that this mouse pad does not cause any pain or discomfort to the wrist, which increases productivity, speed, and functionality, which makes it even better because there are no interruptions.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this product is a good option for people looking for comfort, durability, and increasing productivity and performance.


  • One-year guarantee
  • A slip-resistant base that does move out of place
  • Stylish and convenient to use
  • Support for an entire arm as well as shoulder


  • None

Buying Guide

If you are someone that requires using the mouse a lot, a mousepad with extra support is that you need. Usually, it is a difficult task to find a good one but knowing the right features will allow you to choose the best ones no matter what the company or brand. It is important to make some considerations when deciding to buy a lumbar support pillow and they are stated as follows.

1. Comfort & Support

If you are going to use your mouse for a long time and do the work that involves most of your time using the mouse then it is essential to get a mouse pad which has a built-in place for placing your wrist on a soft and firm surface which means the base or fabric should be of a comfortable material.

It should also not give you any allergies while your skin gets in contact with it. While it is supposed to be of a soft material, make sure the surface is not too soft that causes friction or is too slippery to work on.

It should be silky and smooth while being firm and comfortable enough so you can work on it without feeling like the material is being spoiled by sweat.

2. Design & construction

The design is essential as it will decide the surface area on your desk too, some are round, rectangular with round edges mostly. Make sure you get one that you prefer, some will have a gel filling or some will be just plain soft foamy fabric. It should also allow you to work smoothly using any mouse.

In addition, it should also have a non-slippery base with a rigid and sturdy grip so you can move your mouse freely without getting the pad slipped around.

For instance, the MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad has a special raised foam part where you can conveniently place your wrist and it will ease your entire forearm without straining your arms and shoulders.

3. Guarantee and warranty

A good brand will offer you money back guarantee and a warranty that you can count on. This will develop more trust between the company and the customer and allow the user to try out the product for a limited time.

4. Travel-friendly & ease of use

Some mice even come specially designed for users who travel a lot and cannot carry a heavy mousepad with them. A convenient and easy to use mousepad like the 3M Precise Mouse Pad comes with an adhesive back taping that allows the user to take it everywhere and stick it wherever they feel convenient.

It also enhances the precision of the mouse and also saves its battery life. Some mousepads are also ventilated so they will provide cooling and air circulation without producing any heat making them easy to use for long hours.

5. Durability & Customer Satisfaction

Many people who use mice mainly in their line of work will also be avid buyers so make sure to look out in the right niche so you can be guided correctly. The users will let you know what works well for different users in different circumstances as well as temperatures.

What kind of mousepad works well in the long run and also will review the design and construction of the pad that is most comfortable. Users will also let you know which is the right size and which works best with all kinds of mouse.

So, make sure you invest in a right mouse pad that is great in terms of price, quality, material, comfort, softness, grip, surface area, compact storage, versatility, and performance that is perfect in the long run. The mousepad should also be resistant to water and moisture and can be easily cleaned or wiped off depending on the material.


Why is it important to care about wrist support?

Users who are bound to their computers or laptops for long hours require additional support, especially if they are using a mouse for mobility. The wrist support ensures that you keep good pressure so that your wrist, shoulder, and forearm remain in a comfortable position; otherwise, you will have severe conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Final Verdict

This article presented a selection of the five best mousepads with wrist support; all the listed items are great in terms of material, wrist rest & support, overall comfort plus usage, etc.

The best option for continuous mouse usage and wrist relief is MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad, and Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad is ideal for complete arm relief.

These mouse pads with wrist support allow pain relief from the wrist, shoulder, and forearm, improving the posture and increasing user productivity. The Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad is another one on the list that provides maximum support and comfort for your wrist, making it ideal for prolonged mouse usage.

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