Sometimes, sitting can cause you more pain even though you have taken your required rest. Frequently, this pain can be prolonged or chronic, and no amount of care or medicine can relieve it unless you change certain habits or lifestyles.

One way to get rid of back pain, or at least the first step to reduce or prevent back pain, is to invest in an office chair that allows you to sit comfortably for long working hours without putting much strain on your back muscles.

Taking breaks while working is better and recommended, but if you have a good chair that does not cause the problem in the first place will help you fix the issue at the grassroots level.

So why do we experience extreme back pain, then? Let's look at some features of a bad office chair that leads to severe back pain. A bad design, usually if the back of the seat is too vertical or stiff, unable to move or static.

The bad design does align with your natural spine curvature and causes you to sit in an artificial or unnatural position.

A seat cushion that is too hard or too soft is another reason that puts too much pressure and strain on your spinal discs and back muscles. A badly designed office chair will cause you to sit uncomfortably, I-e your feet and shoulders will feel uncoordinated, causing you persistent pain and uneasiness.

Now, what makes an office chair good? The back seat aligns with your natural spine shape and is movable and flexible.

At the same time, you use the reclining or rocking features, a headrest for relaxation, comfortable armrests for reducing tension on the shoulders, a firm seat cushion, lumbar support, and a perfect design ensures your body stays in an upright 90-degree angle position so that your feet stay on the ground.

In addition, the chair should have a good flexible mechanism for lifting and adjusting it according to the user's preferences for height and moving back and forth because that allows the body to be in its natural state, so back pain isn't an issue.

This article will present the five best office chairs for back pain based on ergonomic design and features that will help reduce and prevent back pain in the long run.

5 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain – Best Comfort & Support

The five best office chairs for back pain shown in this list are analyzed based on their comfortable design, adjustment settings, and durability.

FlexiSpot OC3B Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

FlexiSpot OC3B Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

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The FlexiSpot OC3B Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is designed to keep the users' concerns in mind, specifically those related to back pain. Therefore, this office chair features a comfortable and stylish design that ensures stability and support on the next level.

The back seat is meshing, ensuring a cool and relaxing experience that allows air circulation throughout your work.

The mesh back is also wear-resistant, which will keep your back supported firmly at all times. The lumbar support allows the user to sit comfortably so that the body weight is balanced naturally without causing pain in the back or legs.

The height adjustment features are active throughout the chair in the armrests, back and headrest so that the user can adjust it at any time according to what they feel comfortable with at the point.

The seat cushion is made up of a premium-quality foam that is dense, firm, and soft to keep you seated with ease for long working hours. The chrome base of this chair is sturdy and reliable, along with the twin caster wheels for superior smooth maneuverability on all surfaces: carpeted or hardwood.

User feedback:

All users mentioned that this is a versatile, adjustable, and customizable option, especially the armrest, headrest, and backrest positions which give the user control over what they feel the most comfortable at.

All users agree that this chair is a sturdy and dependable object that is comfortable and stable, and the ergonomic design allows a healthy working experience for hours.

Premium quality materials such as seat cushion foam, chrome build, and dual casters make it as perfect as a high-end chair, which is much more expensive. The chair's curved back holds the back in place, supporting it and reducing pain or discomfort. The gas lifter makes the chair go high at a stable position, and the casters allow smooth movement because of their wide design.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for an elegant and ergonomic office chair that moves smoothly without having to slide it with force. The chair's shape is supportive and comparable to any expensive chair, so I would say this is a bargain; I highly recommend this chair.


  • 4-level tilt-locking positions
  • Large and spacious design to accommodate all users
  • Dense seat cushion for a comfortable experience
  • A fully liftable and adjustable headrest
  • 90 to 120 degrees of reclining positions


  • None

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

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The Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair is covered with a soft fabric that allows breathability without affecting the skin or causing frictional heat.

The attractive and unique design of this chair immediately captures your attention as it is designed based on the recommendations from numerous doctors and medical specialists to ensure that this chair prevents body and back pain in general.

As a result, this chair allows your back to recline naturally against the chair's supportive back, providing unmatched stability and comfort.

You will also notice a positive change in your posture, and as the name of this chair suggests, it does embody the natural construction of a human's back. The backrest mimics and memorizes your body's movements so it can fit according to your personal preferences.

User Feedback

All users agree that this is the most comfortable and easy-to-use office chair, which is also cost-efficient and perfect for people who have to work 8 to 10 hours continuously. The design of this chair ensures your body is well-accommodated and supported, and the stable movement and adjustment settings add up to its value.

It is ideal for day-to-day operations that involve prolonged sitting. The material is highly breathable and keeps you cool without causing you to sweat. The ergonomic design and reliable build make this chair a must-have.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this is an ideal choice if you are looking for a medicated, visibly attractive, and comfortable personified office chair.


  • Pixelated support for equal body weight distribution resulting in less back pain
  • This chair promotes healthy circulation throughout the body to improve your focus
  • 4-support levels for maximum effectiveness
  • Smooth recline and forward movement without shocks
  • Made from recyclable material


  • None

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B

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This Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair is reprocessed in an inventive and environmentally sustainable way, thereby improving the environment.

The lumbar support, for example, is adjustable in several ways using two independent supportive pads that are separate from one another. For excellent support, you may effortlessly adjust them to line up with your particular backbone curve.

The tilt limiter enables the user to set the recline at three distinct sitting positions, and the arms are movable and adjustable in both directions. Never before has working and sitting in a chair been more solid and comfortable, but you won't know until you try this chair, which provides a regulated and supporting framework.

User feedback:

Overall, users laud the brand for providing this great item with wonderful service, equally essential when promoting a certain product. As one customer observed, the lumbar support feature on this chair is excellent and supports the lower back.

However, the seat's shape, padding, and armrests—which match your natural body contour—also play a crucial part. The chair may be positioned and moved in accordance with the user's preferences thanks to the comfortable design and numerous adjustment settings.

My verdict on the product:

I suggest this item since it is an ergonomic chair with a unique design that will meet all of your demands. It has a firm seat cushion and completely adjustable armrests that help prevent back pain and other discomfort issues.


  • Tension control for comfortable reclining
  • Breathable chair for enhanced airflow on rising temperatures
  • Tension control for relaxed leaning
  • Adjustable arms that glide in and out
  • Lumbar support that promotes a natural backbone curve


  • None

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

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The Eurotech Seating iOO Chair is one chair that will allow you to sit in the correct position, so you have fewer complaints about back pain or any numbness in your body that causes restlessness.

It has a tilt tension control and a tilt lock that allows you to sit in the most comfortable position that suits your working style. It is completely adjustable from head to toe, giving the user more control over the chair so that you can reduce the chances of any discomfort or pain in the body, especially the back region.

User feedback:

The users say this is the best office chair they have invested their money on! All customers mention the level of comfortability in this chair is enormous, and the chair design ensures less pressure on the back and arm muscles. It also looks great, adding a touch of modernity to your surroundings and a comfortable design.

It is durable and dependable in the long run, and users have gone on to buy another one because of how good it is. It is also comfortable for users of all ages, ensuring that each one gets to adjust the chair according to what they deem comfort and stability to be.

My verdict on the product:

I recommend this product because it is stable, durable, supportive, aesthetically appealing, and allows customization.


  • Waterfall seat for ensuring smooth blood circulation
  • Full mesh back for cool ventilation
  • Soft padded cushion
  • Smooth caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Fully customizable height features all over


  • A bit hard to assemble, according to some users

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

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As we discussed earlier, the importance of correctly designing an office chair, the Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair rightfully fits the bill. It is fully covered with soft padding that is upholstered with high-quality leather.

Also, the seat is versatile, with different adjustment settings and a smooth movement that ensures your body is positioned correctly for less strain on your back. The leather, as mentioned earlier, does not wear out, and the entire metal frame of this office chair is highly reliable in the long run.

The leather material is also skin-friendly, so you won’t feel any irritation or friction while utilizing the chair for a long time. The 3-class gas lift function allows the chair to be stable as you move around or get up and sit down; all functions are shock-free and comfortable for the user. The wheels allow supreme and silent maneuverability without putting too much pressure on your body.

User feedback:

All users say this chair was fairly easy to assemble and did not need to follow its instructions. The chair can handle 300 lbs of weight which helps the overall weight distribution, so there is no pressure on the spine or back. The chair functions quite stably without wavering or shaking, and it is an overall smooth and comfortable experience.

It has great wheels that glide smoothly on the floor, making mobility easy; it is shock-resistant, which helps the body from sudden jolts that also affect the back. According to the users, this chair allows them to sit for long hours without hurting their back.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this is an excellent choice of office chair because it looks amazing, like a cool racing car; who doesn't want that?! This chair is ideal for back pain, along with the premium leather, padded seat, and armrests.


  • Full leather-covered seat
  • A strong and dependable metal base that keeps the chair balanced
  • This office chair can handle up to 140 kg of body weight
  • Slim and sleek design with vibrant color choices
  • Soft and comfortable armrests


  • None

Buyer's Guide

The best office chair for back pain is not just a pain reliever that provides comfort and ease to its user, but it also makes the job more enjoyable and increases productivity. Following are some essential features to keep in mind when buying an office chair for back pain.

Ergonomic design and shape

Most office chairs that are specially designed for ergonomic usage are the ones that offer a comfortable shape and user-friendly design by keeping the main concerns of users in mind.

For instance, the shape of the chair, the back seat and headrest usually follow your natural spine curvature, so you don’t feel strange when you sit on the chair.

Some chairs that are uncomfortable and make you feel strange feel alien to you because they are not designed according to the human body shape.

Therefore, look for the curved design of the back of the chair as well as the seat and you will notice that these curves follow your body’s shape so there is no strain on your back or legs.

After all, you are going to work long hours or maybe a night shift, perhaps? A good office chair for back pain will have removable armrests too if you just want more space or need relaxation. This point is also good for easy and compact storage as the removable armrests will give you a space to put the chair under any standard desk.

Too hard or too soft

The chair should have all the padding or seat cushions providing the user with stability, support, comfort yet not too soft to affect the posture.

A good and firm cushion or padding on the seating and armrest will allow you to rest and relax but it will also make sure that your body stays alert and focused instead of lazy and sleepy.

A good chair will have memory foam that will mimic your sitting positions in such a way that is personal to every user so every time you sit on the chair, it is ideal for your body shape.

In addition, the cushion will also ensure that the body weight is distributed equally and there is no pressure on your shoulders, lower back, or legs.

Also, the lumbar support will be firm as well instead of being too stiff, so that it supports and comforts your back while making sure you stay active.

This is an important feature because a chair is made for sitting and the more time you spend on it, a cheap quality padding or foam will become weary and tired. This is the main cause of your back pain in the first place.

Flexible and movable

When we talk about the chair being flexible, we are talking about the entire frame which includes the headrest, back seat, armrests, and footrest.

Since you want a chair that puts less pressure on your muscles both upper and lower as well as the legs, you want the chair to adapt to your movements and sitting positions.

Sometimes you might even want to just sit and relax so the recline and tilt should offer an elastic movement instead of rigidity.

In addition, the caster wheels should be smooth yet rigid so that they glide around every surface perfectly without being too slippery. You should be able to position the chair at a static place so you can easily move it.

It should be flexible yet adjustable. Also, the chair should be lightweight and easy to move around if you ever need to readjust its position for any personal reason.

Adjustable and user-friendly

The entire design of the seat should be easy to use and accessible by all users including the kids as well as elderly people. Some chairs come with complicated features to adjust the seat height or reclining and tilting features which are not easy to understand.

This will put the user in jeopardy specially if they are supposed to take care of their back and not jerk it suddenly.

The whole point of a chair for back pain is to offer stability and support to the user so make sure that it is easily usable by everyone.

A good office chair for back pain will have lumbar support and the entire chair will be adjustable at multiple points for reclining as well as height adjustment with a smooth moving feature instead of sudden shocks.

Quality & material

This feature is essential for the user as they are the ones who will use the chair on a daily so first, make sure the fabric is smooth yet not slippery, the back seat and seat cushion are breathable (may have mesh), the armrests and headrests have soft and firm padding, etc.

The seat cushion should have an ergonomic shape and design. The material of both the frame and the fabric should be easy to clean or wipe, whatever the instructions suggest. It should not be prone to rust, wear and tear, or scratches.


When we talk about durability, it means that the products stand the test of time. An ideal office chair for back pain will always have features like lumbar support, headrest, armrest, and lastly, the footrest.

Make sure that all these parts of the chair are durable and able to withstand your weight and prolonged usage over the years and do not fall off or become saggy after a short time.

Also ensure that the material you buy is long lasting, this includes the material of the seat, padding, mesh, fabric, and the frame that is usually metal or plastic armrest, etc. should be of premium quality.

For details on durability, check user reviews before buying the chair as they will let you know what works for a product and what features make them perfect for back pain and long usage.

Don’t forget to buy a chair ideal for your body type as some people might be a bit heavy or tall or short. A good office chair will allow you to distribute your body weight equally but an even better one will be durable depending on its right usage.


At what point does the back pain become serious?

If you walk around all day and sit down for a while to get some rest, but the resting position causes you more pain than relaxation, you have chronic back pain.

As we know, resting is important for your body, and no number of medicines can fix you unless you start taking proper action first by changing the way you sit.

Usually, your chair will let you know what the problem is. If you feel stress in the upper and lower back area and feel more tired than fresh after working on your seat for ten minutes, you need to take it seriously.

What is the ideal sitting position to avoid back pain?

No matter your height, you need to ensure your chair is adjusted at a height that allows your body to be seated at an upright position; even if you lean a bit, your feet stretch a bit farther than the chair wheels. Sitting with your legs slightly apart would be best to avoid strain on your entire body.

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