Aeron chairs, produced by Herman Millar were initially popular for web companies, which is the reason why New York magazine called it the “Dot-Com Throne”. To this day, Herman Millar Aeron remains the heart and soul of every modern office.

While most varieties of office chairs come in a single size, this one comes in three! And that’s the biggest dilemma when purchasing one of these chairs for your office: Herman Millar Aeron Chair Sizes. How are they different and which one is right for you? All your queries will be answered here so that after reading the article, you can opt for the right size of the chair for your office.

What sizes is Herman Miller Aeron available in?

Herman Miller Aeron is available in three different sizes: A, B, and C. The three different sizes of Herman Miller Aeron are designed to suit different heights and weights of people. The Herman Miller Aeron size chart provided below will make it simpler to pick the right size for yourself or whoever is going to sit in the chair.

What sizes is Herman Miller Aeron available in

If you cannot test the three sizes in person, or if you are placing the order at an online store, the size chart above will make the selection easier for you. You will choose according to the height and weight category that your body lies in. All of the Aeron sizes are designed to handle weights under 300 pounds.

To find the right fit, note down your height and weight. Find your height on the Y-axis and your weight on the X-axis and mark their intersection on the graph. Once you have found the intersection, you will instantly know the size category you fall in. Pick a suitable size of Herman Miller Aeron according to the that category.

Dimensions for the different sizes

Dimensions for the different sizes

The table below shows the dimensions of each of the sizes. W stands for width, H stands for height and D for depth as shown in the picture above.


Which is the right size for you?

The size chart that was provided earlier makes it rather simple to make a suitable pick. Size A is the smallest size available. Size B is the standard among the three and suits the widest range of people. C is the plus size available that suits taller and bulkier people.

So which one of the Herman Miller Aeron chair sizes is right for you? Which should you pick?

The most recommended size is B since it suits the widest range of people. You may be setting up the office without knowing which employee would sit where. In such a case, where you’re getting the chair for someone else to sit in, it’s best to get size B especially if you do not know their height and weight.

If you’re getting the chair for yourself or someone else who’s size lies in the category A/B or B/C in the size chart provided earlier on this page, it is again better to select size B. If you lie strictly in category C or category A, it is better to select that specific size instead of the standard size, B.

Only if you choose the correct size for yourself will you be able to use an Aeron headrest that can be purchased separately. Although it’s not a necessity, it’s better to keep in mind that you may wish to purchase it later on, for added comfort while working.

How to identify the size of a Herman Miller Aeron chair

You may already have a Herman Miller Aeron chair in your office but aren’t aware of the size. The trick is simple and you won’t need a measuring tape to take the dimensions. The manufacturers have marked each of the chairs with dots in the backrest so that it’s easy to identify the size. Anyone can do so, by simply feeling under the cover of the backrest.

How to identify the size of a Herman Miller Aeron chair

Do you see the red arrow, in the picture above, pointing to the cover of the backrest? Just move your fingertips in the direction of the arrow and take them inside the cover. You will feel a series of embossed dots with your fingertips. Identify the number of embossed dots that are present here.

The set of dots that you will find here is a code to identify the size of the chair you have before you. Here’s how you tell the Herman Miller Aeron sizes once you have identified the number of dots that are present under the hood.

Number of dotsChair Size

This simple technique makes it very easy to find the size of an Aeron chair that you have. It also makes it much easier to purchase a used Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Since a second-hand model will not come with packaging and a list of specifications with it, you’ll have to do the research on your own.

The number of dots under the hood in its backrest will tell you the most important feature of the chair: it’s size. The rest of the specifications will be the same as any other Herman Miller Aeron chair.


Herman Miller Aeron is one of the best premium office chairs that you can get for yourself. However, when purchasing the model, one needs to be especially careful when picking the size. Only the right size of Herman Miller Aeron chair will deliver the comfort that it is meant to. Herman Miller Aeron chair sizes aren’t difficult to select among if you use the size chart correctly.

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