It’s not so tricky and is easy to carry out if you have little understanding of removing the office chair base. Here is an easy step-by-step procedure for it.

How to Remove the Office Chair Base? - Ultimate Guide

Removing the base is not tough as many other repairs of the office or desk chair. All you should learn is a simple procedure to carry out this task. Let’s see how to finish it.

Before you move on to remove the office chair's base, here are some tips to follow:

Cover the Floor With Plastic Mat

Keeping the surroundings clean and tidy while removing and replacing the base of a desk chair is a good idea. It will prevent the post-cleaning efforts. So, use a plastic mat to cover the floor.

You can also use a newspaper, but we recommend a plastic sheet as the newspaper may tear and not protect the surface anymore. However, a sheet will stand against the damage of a gas cylinder or grease.

Flip the Chair

Turning the upside down or flipping the chair to any side is necessary. It will expose the whole base of the chair to you. So, flip the chair to any of the left or right sides. This way, you'll get clear access to the part you will remove.

Procedure to Dissemble the Office Chair Base

After covering the floor and flipping the chair, it's time to remove its base. Here are some easy moves for it.

Remove the Holding Clip

Tracing the holding clip is the initial step toward removing the chair base. It is located exactly in the center of the chair base. Use a screwdriver to remove it. The clip will, then, easily release upon gentle bending.

Take Out Washer

You'll see a tiny washer when the holding clip comes out of the piston. It will be just like a small tire. Remove the washer out of the piston too.

Detach the Chair Base

Well, you have removed the holding pin and washer of the base; it's now free and will be detached easily. Gently start pulling the base; it will start coming out. Take it out with its gas cylinder. Here you have done it!

It is quite easy to remove the base. If you want to replace it with a new one, reverse the same procedure.

How to Handle Stuck Office Chair Base?

It's not always so easy to remove the base of the office chair. Sometimes, it may get stuck inside, and you face a great inconvenience in removing it. However, it's possible. In such a case, follow these steps.

Put the Chair On Plastic Sheet

As mentioned above, put your desk chair on a plastic sheet with the downside up. You may also consider flipping it on either side.

Spray Lubricant on the Gas Cylinder Cover

As the gas cylinder cover doesn't let the base come out, it's good to use any lubricant. Spray the lubricant on the gas cylinder cover that will make it slippery.

Make sure that the lubricant reaches each side and bottom of the cylinder. Covering the sides of this cylinder will avoid the mess in the surrounding area.

Hit the Base With Mallet

After lubricating the cylinder, leave it for some time. Then take a mallet and start hitting the base in an outward direction. It will start moving outside.

Keep hitting the base gently unless it comes out. Here you have done it.

Can I Remove All Office Chair Bases With the Same Method?

Having read all the procedures mentioned above, you may know whether these methods will work for your chair or not. The question “Do all office chairs have the same base?” may confuse you. But don't get confused; a simple answer to your query is Yes.

Almost the base of all the office or desk chairs are the same regarding their attachment sizes. The thing that differentiates them is the material used to manufacture them and their finishing process. Here are the most frequently used materials for such chairs' bases.

  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Metal

Some chairs come with wheels, while others have simple legs. Those having wheels will be more comfortable and easy to move, but their bases will be damaged earlier. On the other hand, chairs featuring just legs will still be more durable, and their bases will last longer.

How to Control a Sinking Office Chair?

Your office chair may sink to the bottom as soon as you sit on it. What is wrong with it, and how to fix it? The faulty gas cylinder is the major cause of the office chair's sinking. Here are some remedies to fix it.

  • Keep lubricating the office chair gas cylinder.
  • Fix a hose clamp in the bottom of the chair cylinder.
  • Use a plastic spacer to keep the cylinder sinking.

If none of the above mentioned methods works, you have only one option: replacing the old cylinder. You can do it yourself if you have a cylinder.

Follow the same procedure mentioned above to remove the gas cylinder. Once the cylinder comes out, reverse the procedure. After replacing the cylinder, you can enjoy comfortable seating again.


The office chair base needs to be replaced occasionally. The above guide will help you understand how to remove the office chair base to replace it. If you don't replace the base of the chair timely, you may face certain inconveniences while sitting on it.

However, having proper tools and understanding, replacing this part of your desk chair is not more than a child's play. So, keep the above discussion in mind as it will help you in future chair fixtures.

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