Whether in an office or a home office, these chairs get out of control on vinyl, tile, wood, and other flat floors. So how do I keep my office chair from rolling away?

This usually happens for several reasons, such as a slanted or tilted floor, too large wheels, incompatible casters, and many others. In this article, we have shared some of the most effective tips and tricks to help maintain office chair ergonomics and prevent it from rolling away.

How to Make A Rolling Chair Stationary?

Office chairs roll around due to casters or wheels, which you can remove to hinder their mobility. There are many other ways to convert a rolling chair into a stationary chair but removing wheels is the best.

How to Make A Rolling Chair Stationary

You can do it in the following ways:

  • Turn the chair upside down, so its bottom is in front of you.
  • Pull off the wheels from the chair by tightly holding them.
  • If wheels are screwed or fixed with bolts, remove the bolts to release all wheels.
  • Add cork, rubber, or pre-cut felt paddings in place of wheels. The padding will protect the floor from damage.
  • Make sure you keep the stability and strength of the chair intact when trying to make it stationary.

How Do I Keep My Office Chair From Rolling Away? - Let's Explore

Initially, it feels amusing to roll away on an office chair, but after some time, it gets frustrating when you try to focus on work. Though the problem seems complicated, its solution is simple and easy. Here we have shared some ways to help you keep your office chair from rolling away.

How Do I Keep My Office Chair From Rolling Away

Install Wheel Stoppers

Installing wheel stoppers is the ideal way to prevent office chairs from rolling. You can search for a variety of these stoppers in the market to get what works best with your chair wheels.

Choose the right-sized wheel stoppers compatible with the size of the casters. Place each stopper beneath the caster. The stopper will block the movement of the wheel and make it stationary.

Modify Casters Or Install Brakes

Another simple way to keep the chair fixed in its place is to use hands-free brake casters. For installing brake casters, remove the wheels from the chair and insert the new locking caster wheel in place of the old one. Using an automatic turning-on and off locking system in the caster is better.

This function allows the chair to turn off the lock when you sit and turn on rolling when you leave the chair. Multiple brake casters are in the market, and you can find what suits you best.

Modify Casters Or Install Brakes

Remove Old Casters

Getting rid of the casters will also inhibit the mobility of your rolling office chair. But before doing so, you must know the types of a caster installed in your chair. Usually, threaded stem casters are attached by screws, and for their removal, you need to unscrew them, while grip stem casters are attached, which can be removed by simply pulling off the casters that are fixed in chairs.

Then add the glides of a stationary office chair at the position of casters. It is essential to attach stationary office chair glides or some soft cloth at the region of removed casters to prevent damage to the floor.

Add Foam to Block Casters

You might have never thought about this, but you can place some foam material below the casters/wheels of the rolling chair to stop its movement. It is possible to use foam or other blocking material to hold wheels firmly. Fixing the blockage will keep your chair steady and prevent rolling whenever you are indulged in work.

But make sure to keep the thickness of the foam normal and not too much to roll you from the chair. The only purpose of doing this is to hinder the moving chair and make it stationary.

Add Foam to Block Casters

Use A Footrest

An under-desk footrest would help keep your chair firm in one place without rolling it around. Whenever your chair slides to roll away, put your feet on the footrest to prevent unwanted rolling. This solution is perfect for those who want to avoid converting their rolling chair into a stationary chair permanently.

You can keep a soft and relaxing footrest beneath your desk, which will also improve your posture. It is affordable and a great investment.

Place Chair On Area Rug/Yoga Mat

  • Area rugs are common in every home or office, which you can use to avoid office chair rolling. So, you can keep your chair in place over the rug and notice minimum movement.
  • However, for better results, it is advisable to use a large-sized area rug that will occupy the entire base of the chair and one with extra thickness.
  • Another best trick is to put a rubber band around the wheels to build more friction to prevent the movement of the chair.
  • One budget-friendly trick for this purpose is to use a yoga mat, but remember, dents will appear on the mat over time, making the surface rough.

Hold Chair Wheels Using Straps

A short strap also helps find out how do I keep my office chair from rolling away. You will not be able to transform your chair into stationary by this method, but it is a good temporary solution.

Some chairs already have straps to hold their wheel firmly. Look for them in your chair and buy new straps if they are absent. Then use them at a fixed region and attach them to heavy objects such as the office desk to reduce the rolling of the chair.

Upgrade With A New Chair

Though all these methods are highly efficient in solving this problem, the last option is to purchase a new chair if you want to avoid trying any one method.

You can buy a chair without wheels or steady but not too free wheels.

Also, consider the chair's weight, as lightweight chairs roll more easily than heavy chairs. So a bulky chair will also reduce the problem to some extent.

Invest in economical chairs after thoroughly reviewing and searching. The expensive chair you choose may also contain all these relevant issues.

Upgrade With A New Chair

What Are The Reasons for Office Chair Rolling?

Almost all office chairs contain wheels, but when and how does the issue of chair rolling arise? The main cause for office chairs rolling away is the lost functionality and stability of the chair wheels. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the chair, but the uneven or slanted floor leads to this issue. Some most common reasons are:


So, how do I keep my office chair from rolling away? The answer is simple - try the methods we have elaborated step by step to adjust the tension in the wheel or use the lever to lock the wheels.

If you notice consistent rolling in your chair even after trying most stopping ways, the best deal is to remove the wheels. We hope one of these solutions will work out for you to get rid of this irritating problem.

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