Desks are available in many shapes and sizes, but according to most measurements, the average desk is around 29-30 inches high. This measurement can vary depending on who you ask and the type of desk, but it's a good place to start.

There are plenty of possibilities if you're looking for a desk that's a bit taller or shorter. This post will look at the average desk height and what that means.

What Is The Average Desk Height?

Most desks are around 30 inches high, give or take an inch or so. Not everyone is comfortable at the same height, so it's important to consider your body type and preferences when selecting a desk.

If you're on one side, you may desire to go for a desk that's a little lower so you don't have to hunch over to work. And if you're tall, you'll want to ensure the desk is high enough, so you're not constantly bending your neck.

Height Of The Sitting Desk

The average sitting desk height is 18" to 22". The most common desk height for an office worker is 20". This means many people sit at their desks for more than 8 hours a day!

Height Of The Standing Desk

The average standing desk is 19" to 27". Some people prefer standing desks because they feel more energized and productive in the morning after standing up.

Some people find it very difficult to adjust to the change between sitting down and standing up, or they don't get enough time between breaks to stand comfortably.

What Are The Benefits Of A Taller Desk?

The benefits of a taller desk are many. It can help you work at a higher level, perform better, and feel more comfortable.

Here are some of the more common reasons why you might want to consider a taller desk:

Extra Space

A taller desk can give you more room to spread out. When you have a lot of work to do, it's easy to get overwhelmed by your desk and the piles of paperwork always getting in the way.

A tall desk gives you extra space to move around without bumping into things or spilling coffee on your keyboard.

Improve Your Productivity

A taller desk can help increase your productivity levels and reduce back pain. While this may seem like an odd reason for wanting a bigger workspace, studies have shown that having more space makes people more productive than working with less room.

This is because increased productivity means you'll get more done daily and have less time wasted on unproductive activities like checking Facebook or playing games on your laptop.

Improve Your Posture

A taller desk can improve your posture. Many people spend most of their time hunched over their desks, often with one shoulder lower than the other due to poor posture.

How To Adjust Your Desk Height?

So you're probably wondering how tall an average desk is. The answer is it depends. But the average desk height is usually around 29 to 30 inches, give or take a few inches.

But if that's not the right height for you, don't worry—you can adjust it or make the desk tall! Most desks have a lever or a knob that you can use to change the height. Just be sure to gauge the height before you buy a desk, so you know that it can be modified to fit you properly.

And if your desk doesn't have a way to adjust the height, don't worry—there are plenty of other options. You can get an adjustable desk or use a riser to raise your keyboard and mouse to the right height.

The Best Desk Height For Your Needs

The Best Desk Height For Your Needs

So you're in the swap for a new desk. Great! But figuring out the right height can be tricky. You don't want something too tall or too short, especially if you're going to be spending hours at a time sitting at it.

A general rule of desk height is similar to your elbow. But of course, this isn't going to be perfect for everyone. If you're taller or shorter than average, you may need to adjust this height accordingly.

And don't forget about your chair. It's important to ensure that the two are in sync so you're not constantly adjusting your position every time you sit down.

How to Measure Your Desk Height?

How to Measure Your Desk Height

To measure the height of your desk, you'll need a measuring tape. Measure from the floor to the top of desk by placing the end of the measuring tape on the edge of the desk.

If you want to be precise, you can also measure the desk's height, from the floor to the top of the desk— then make a more accurate measurement.

Once you have these measurements, you can use them to find a desk that's the right height for you.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Desk Height

Choosing the right desk height is important, especially if you're going to sit all day. You don't want to distress your neck or your back, do you?

Here are a few pro tips to help you choose the right desk height:

  1. Make sure the desk is the right height for your chair. You should be able to comfort your forearms on the desk with your elbows at a 90-degree angle.
  2. If you're using a standing desk, ensure the desk is tall enough to type with your hands in a neutral position (with your wrists straight).
  3. Using a laptop, use an external keyboard and mouse to adjust the desk's height accordingly.
  4. Consider your current level of activity
  5. Think about how tall you are
  6. Decide whether you prefer short desks (under 12 inches) or tall desks (12 inches or higher)
  7. Measure the space where your desk will be located

How High Should My Desk Be?

You may be wondering how tall is an average desk. The answer is that it depends on the person's height.

Desks come in all different sizes, but the standard height is usually around 30 inches. This is a good height for people who are 5'6" or shorter. If you're taller, you may want to consider a desk that's 32 or even 34 inches high.

While that's fairly tall for a desk, it does seem small for all my projects and daily tasks. But this being said, there are many different types of desks, and by switching out desktops.

Of course, you can always revise eight of your desk to fit your needs. Many desks have adjustable legs, so you can make them higher or lower. Just be determined to measure the available space before making a purchase.


It is concluded that desks come in all shapes and sizes, but how tall an average desk is? And how do you know if your desk is the right height for you?

Desk height can vary depending on your body type and preferences, but the average height is around 29-30 inches. If your desk is too low or too high, you may experience discomfort or pain while working.

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