pleasing while providing superior support for the lower back and upper, a movable seat, and simple controls. Any of these options would do a fine job of keeping you cozy, but knowing the specifics of each would help you choose the one that would work best for you.

What Are The Steelcase Leap And Amia Chairs?

Steelcase makes some of the finest ergonomic office or home supplies. Steelcase is a high-end manufacturer known for producing durable and comfy seating options. For anyone purchasing the  Leap or the Steelcase Amia, below is a breakdown of the two models' key resemblances and distinctions.


These Steelcase chairs are so well made that they can't be confused with anything else. The molding is done so well that the plastics and metals look and feel polished, and the padding is soft but strong. The upholstery comes in different colors to suit your taste. Most online stores have more color options for the Leap than for the Amia. There is also a quick guide here to buy office chairs for you.

What's The Difference?

The Leap is much slimmer than the Steelcase Amia. Both chairs look and curve very differently from each other. The Amia seems sturdy than its competitors because it has a squared-off back, a flat seat cushion, and thick armrests. But the back and seat of the Leap are separated by a gap, the seat is a bit deeper, and the lines are more rounded.

When you look at their backs, you can see another significant distinction. The back of the Amia is smooth, but the Leap chair has a lumbar bar that makes it even more comfortable and stable. Still, their armrests are almost the same in how they look and work.


What's The Similarity?

Depending on your preferences, you may customize the Amia and Leap in various ways. You can carry the seat's depth forward or backward to find the best position for your legs to turn and reach the base. Different back locks or stops let you change how far the chair goes, and you can also change how tight the back support is. Both types of chairs have armrests that do the same thing. You can drag them in all directions to find the best fit for your space. They give enough movement to keep your neck and elbows in the right place and give your forearms, shoulders, and wrists enough support.


The primary dissimilarity between them is Leap's lower back can be made harder or softer, but Amia's cannot. So, you can change how your lower back is supported without changing how the rest of your spine is supported.

The LiveLumbar technology in the Amia makes it possible to adjust the lumbar support uniquely. Using the knobs on each side of the chair's back, you can change how much the backrest bends to fit the shape of your spine. The Live back feature on the Leap is much like the one on the iPhone. But the whole back of the chair curves to the way you stand.


It's easier to relax in the Leap than in the Amia. The Leap's back and seat are made to support your back and relieve pressure on the spine. Amia and the Leap look different, and their backrests do different things. Because it has holes in the outside, the Leap is a better choice for thermal comfort than the Amia. The Leap will significantly support your back more than the Amia after a long day at work.

Pros And Cons

The "Natural Glide System" from Steelcase is also in the Leap. This system makes the seat pan and backrest move together. When you lean back on the Leap, the chair's seat slides forward to align your spine better. As a bonus, it makes you change how you sit more often, which helps reduce the stress on the spine from staying in the same position.

Note: The Amia seat doesn't move when you lean forward and back. Even though they are narrower than most ergonomic seats, they are comfortable. The curve on the Leap is a little bit bigger, but it's hard to tell. The bend in the front edge of the seat means that the backs of your legs won't have to do any extra work.


Leap Chairs

Steelcase Leap

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Every chair is suitable for most users. The armrests of the Leap chairs are adjusted in any one of four ways. It fits your body by adjusting for height, breadth, length, and pivoting in and out. The chair is fantastic since it is adjusted in height, lumbar support, and seat depth to accommodate users of varying statures. In addition, everyone may find their ideal level of comfort thanks to the reclining lock, recline tension, and cushioning.
Amia Chairs

Due to its basic design, the Amia line is less high-tech than the Leap line of office chairs.

You may adjust the seat's height, lumbar support, tilt tension,  cushioning, and arms in four ways. Leap triumphs over Amia because of its superior fancy features.


When shopping for an office chair, money is a major factor. If you can't afford to purchase one, you won't. The Leap series' major drawback is that it's more expensive than Amia. You have to pay more for the luxurious extras. Since Amia is less expensive, it is a popular choice among office employees. Different chairs at various pricing points are available on the Leap and the Amia. However, the Amia is always more affordable than similar office chairs.


How About A Headrest For The Steelcase Amia?

The innovative shape of this headrest for the Steelcase Amia chair can help relieve any pain or tension in your upper back, shoulders, or neck. When you lean back in the Amia chair, your neck will appreciate the support provided by this headrest. Anyone who has an Amia chair should invest in this ergonomic add-on.

Does The Steelcase Leap Include The Option Of A Headrest?

This chair has an optional adjustable headrest and swivel casters suitable for carpet and hard floors. The chair's lack of a headrest is likely to be the reason it is less comfortable.

Does Steelcase Produce Decent Chairs?

Chairs by Steelcase consistently ranked among our top picks during product testing. Steelcase is rated excellent in all categories, including durability, assembly simplicity, and material quality. In addition to its impressive lifespan guarantee, this Steelcase chair fell short of our comfort standards.

Do Chairs With Headrests Improve Productivity In The Workplace?

When one uses a headrest, they may relax their neck and head without feeling any strain. Shoulder and neck problems benefit greatly from them. When one uses a headrest, the muscles in the neck and shoulders may unwind, leading to increased blood flow to the head and brain.

Concluding Remarks

There is a difference of roughly $300 between these two chairs with identical features (basic fabric, finish, arms, and lumbar adjustment on the Leap). The Leap is attached to a headrest, has more tilt options, and has an adjustable lumbar depth than its competitors. Comparatively, the Leap chair is superior and offers more value. The Amia is a great option if you want to save money on a Steelcase chair without sacrificing quality if you don't care about the deluxe options or design.

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