It’s a solid chair, designed to last for a long time. Over the years, however, one or more of its parts may start wearing out. The best solution is to replace the Aeron chair parts than to replace the entire chair.

If the warranty is still valid, you can contact the customer services to send you the replacement parts, otherwise, you’ll need to purchase them. Either way, replacement parts are much cheaper than a brand new chair. Once you have the parts, you can replace them on your own and your office chair will be good as new in no time.

Parts that are most often replaced

Here is a breakdown of the parts that are most commonly replaced in a Herman Miller Aeron chair. They are all available very easily and can be installed entirely on your own once you’ve got hold of them.

Parts that are most often replaced

Aeron chair parts

Here’s an overview of the most important Herman Miller Aeron chair parts:

Caster wheels

Caster wheels

Most of us have the habit of moving around a bit in the office chair, just to relieve the stress of the work. Even if you don’t have that habit, chair casters are one of the most used parts of an office chair and will undergo wear and tear over time. They may, ultimately stop rolling or even break down. This is the time when you’ll need to replace them with new ones.

If you’re replacing the old ones, it’s better to upgrade them with 3” casters. The ones that are pre-installed on the Herma Miller Aeron are smaller. The advantage of the larger diameter is that they will glide much more smoothly and put much less pressure on the floor. Hardwood floor and carpets are at a much smaller risk of damage with these larger sized casters.

Replacing casters is quite simple since you just need to pull out the old ones. Once they are all out, simply pop the new ones in. It takes less than 5 minutes to be done with the entire job.

Chair cylinder

Chair cylinder

If your office chair keeps sinking to the lowest height, it’s probably because the pneumatic cylinder has lost its functionality. It’s the chair cylinder that controls the height adjustment of the Herman Miller Aeron chair by holding pressurized air. If the seal breaks or suffers any other sort of damage, it may lose its ability to hold pressurized air and you’ll no longer be able to adjust the height.

Now, there are alternative, cheaper solutions to this problem. However, when it’s a Herman Miller Aeron model in question, it’s better to replace the cylinder to restore its capabilities in its fullest.

The company itself does not provide a replacement for the chair cylinder but it’s possible to find a compatible one online. Here’s how you replace this part:

  • Turn the chair upside down.
  • The new cylinder will come with a replacement kit. This includes removal tools for removing the old piston.
  • Tighten the removal screws onto the lower shaft and the old cylinder will come right off.
  • Use a hammer to take off the old cylinder from the base of the chair.
  • Remove the plastic cover on the new cylinder and push it onto the base.
  • Replace the wheelbase and turn the chair upright.
  • Use the lever to raise and lower the chair and check to see if it’s functioning correctly now.

Arm pads

Arm pads

The arm pads are another one of the Aeron chair parts that will wear out with time. After all, they’re fabric and will eventually lose their glow. Replacement pads for these chairs are easily available at online stores such as Amazon and eBay and aren’t too expensive either.

Just make sure that you select a color that matches the seat and back cushions, especially if you’re replacing only the arm pads. Although the arm pads don’t have much to do with the functionality of the chair but replacing the old ones will give your chair a fresh, new look.

Here are the steps to follow to replace the arm pad:

  • Use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the old arm pad.
  • Install the new one in its place and screw it from the bottom.
  • Repeat the procedure for the other arm pad.

Lumbar pad

Lumbar pad

Lumbar pad or your Herman Miller Aeron is designed to keep your back aligned in a proper posture that keeping the stress on your muscles and spine to a minimum. Its purpose makes it an important part of the chair and must be replaced right away if the pre-installed one suffers damage.

When placing the order for a new one, make sure you pick the right size. Herman Miller Aeron chairs come in three different sizes: A, B, C. You can find out which size you have by pushing your fingers under the back cover.  Order the same size of lumbar support.

Slide the old pad off the rails at the back of the chair and replace it with the new part that you ordered.



The backrest is another one of the important Herman Miller chair parts. It supports your back. The upholstery may wear over time. Replacing it will instantly give your old Herman Miller Aeron a brand new look. Here’s how you replace it:

  • Remove the four bolts at the back using a screwdriver.
  • Lift the backrest out of the frame that supports it.
  • Set the new back support in place of the old one.
  • Fix the bolts back in place to secure the backrest.



The seat of your Herman Miller Aeron chair is a curved mesh designed to provide maximum comfort to your lower body. If the old one is ripped or worn out, it’s better to replace it so that you feel comfortable sitting in it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Loosen the bolts that secure the seat to the frame of the chair. You will need a screwdriver or a hex bit to do so.
  • Keep the bolts at a safe location so that you can use them for reinstallation.
  • Remove the seat once all the bolts are out of the way.
  • Set the new seat in place of the old one and secure it with bolts.


All these replacement parts are easily available at online stores. You’ve already learned all about the Aeron chair parts. Once you have the right replacement part, you can replace it on your own using the instructions above. You won’t need to call a professional for these minor replacement tasks.

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