You can resolve the issue by cleaning the wheels properly. Keep moving; you'll get 'how to clean office chair wheels?

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels Easily? - Simple Procedure

how to clean office chair wheels

You may know about different kinds of office chair wheels. No matter what kind of wheels your chair has, follow these steps to clean them inside and outside.  

1- Prepare the Chair for Cleaning

Before starting the cleaning procedure, measurements for preparing the chair and surrounding for cleaning are a really good idea. Here are some tips for doing so.

But make sure you are wearing protective gloves for germs safety.
  • Lay Plastic Sheet on the Floor

While cleaning the office chair wheels, the surrounding area may get dirty. So, using a plastic sheet to cover the surrounding area is good. So, cover the floor before starting the procedure for cleaning.  

  • Bend the Chair On Either Side

After covering the surrounding area, it's time to remove the wheels. To do so, flip your chair either left or right side carefully. It will expose the wheels to you so that you can proceed easily.  

  • Take Out the Wheels

Mostly, the wheels of the desk chair are easily removed by simply pulling. However, it's not true for all brands. Some manufacturers may use screws to fix the wheels into chair legs. If you have a chair with wheels fixed with screws, use a screwdriver to remove them.

2- Clean the Wheels From Inside

It's good to clean the inside of the wheels before cleaning them from the outside. Follow this procedure to clean the inside of your desk chair wheels.

Remove the Larger Debris With Hands

See if the chair wheels have larger debris pieces like stickers or tissue pieces. If you see any, remove them with your fingers.

Clean the Stuck Debris

Besides the larger debris pieces, there must be some small pieces stuck inside the frame of the wheels. Remove this debris with the screwdriver.

If you're facing difficulty cleaning the stuck debris with a screwdriver, you can consider cleaning it with tweezers. But make sure you have cleaned all the dust and debris.

Pick the Debris Pieces With Duct Tape

Use Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Wheel

Some pieces of dust and debris will not get out of the wheels with tweezers. Use duct tape to pick them up.

After cleaning the wheels properly, use a vacuum cleaner to capture the rest of the tiny pieces. Moreover, it will suck all the dust from the wheels as well.

3- Clean the Wheels From Outside

Once you clean the wheels inside, it's your turn to clean them from the outside. It's not so tricky, but only if you know how to perform it. Here is a simple method.

  • Scrub the Wheels From Outside

The wheels outside will also have debris stuck on them. A hard scrub brush will help you clean the debris from outside the wheels of the office chair. A brush soaked in soapy water will be more effective.  

  • Remove the Deep Stuck Debris With Blade

If you can't remove any object, like gum, from the wheels, you can use a blade carefully to remove it.

  • Soak Wheels in Soapy Water

After removing all the stuck dirt and debris outside the chair wheels, put them in soapy water. Leave them there for a minimum of 10 minutes.  

  • Scrub the Wheels Again

Remove the wheels from the soapy water after 10 minutes, and use a scrub brush to rub them thoroughly. It will deeply clean the office chair wheels.

  • Let the Wheels Dry

Once you have done all the above steps, it's good to dry the desk chair wheels before fixing them back. Use a clean cloth to dry them or leave them in sunlight to get dry.

4- Fix the Wheels Back to the Place

Completing all the above steps means completing the cleaning process. Now, it's time to fit the wheels back to their place. If these wheels come out just by pulling, put them on the holes and press to fix them.

However, if your chair has wheels with screws, you'll need to fix them with the help of a screwdriver, just like you removed them. So, fix them accordingly.  

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels Without Removing?

If you have a chair with some fixed wheels or don't have enough time to follow the procedure to clean them, these are detachable; you can still clean them. Follow these tips if you can't detach the wheels for any reason.

Method - 1

  • Get your chair outside the office.
  • Wash the base of the chair and its wheels with a hose.
  • The pressure of the hose will remove the dirt and dust from the chair base and wheels.
  • Now, clean and dry the wet wheels with a cloth.
  • Check the wheels; these will start working fine.

Method - 2

If you are not easy with washing the wheels and base of the chair with a hose, you still have another option. Here is what you should do now.

  • Soak a cloth in soapy water.
  • Bend the chair to the side and clean its wheels and base with a soaked cloth.
  • Clean it with a cloth soaked in clean water.
  • Let the chair dry.
  • Try it now; it will be moving fine.


If you know the proper procedure, the wheel jams of the office chair are easy to handle. But you will succeed in restoring the functionality of wheels only if you know how to clean the office chair wheels. Depending on the kind of chair, your time management, and the surrounding of the chair, you can choose any of the above-mentioned easy methods. All of them are functional to restore the working of your office chair wheels.

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