Select a masterpiece for a nostalgic decoration according to your taste and requirements. Keep scrolling to hit the best value antique chair back style.

Elegant Antique Chair Back Styles

Here is a list of durable and versatile antique chairs with stylish back designs.

Antique Chairs With Armrest

If you want chairs offering both durability and comfort, armrest-style chairs are the best for you. Here are the top choices.

1- Fauteuil Armchair

Fauteuil Armchair

The Fauteuil armchair is a French chair design that dominated the furniture world during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV. Its lightweight, unique design and open sides make it perfect for great back comfort. Having such a chair will help relieve back aching and lumbar pain issues.

2- Bergère Armchair

Bergère Armchair

Closely related to the Fauteuil Armchair, Bergère armchair is designed for those who are in love with simple designs. It's an upholstered style chair having closed sides, unlike the previous one. The unique deep seating feature will offer your great relief. If you want a simple recliner, it is made for you.

3- Morris Armchair

 Morris Armchair

Morris armchair has a maximum exposed wooden area, so you can easily customize its polish color to make it matchable with the rest of the furniture. The adjustable back has made it a versatile back comfort chair. Calling it the predecessor of modern recliner chairs will not be wrong.

4- Rococo Revival Chair

Rococo Revival Chair

Rococo Revival Chair has always been in the headings after 1850 due to its longevity and charming look. If you want a decent-style chair at an affordable price, go for Rocco. It will surely help you upgrade your home and office decoration. The extraordinary comfort and an eye-catching look always put the Rocco on the top of the list of Victorian furniture.

Exclusive Chair Designs

If you are searching for a chair that will be exclusive and matchless, pick up one out of the following designs.

1- Corner Chair

Corner Chair

The creative idea of the corner chair’s design helps it stand bold in the list of antique furniture list. It has a square seat with a different make, unlike the regular chairs. The front and back of the chair are set diagonally to each other, so tucking the chair in a narrow corner is also possible. The easily compatible corner seat fits those who have a crowded place but want unique furniture.

2- Long Chair/Daybed

Long Chair/Daybed

Having many names like chase lounge, this French chair is all in one. It has been dominating the furniture world since the 16th century. It's one of the uniquely designed chair series, and each chair included in the series has a different but matchless back support style.

Whether you want a chair with maximum seating capacity or one offering space to recline, the daybed is perfect. The unique color combination of the wooden and fabric part makes it eye-catching.

3- Savonarola Folding Chair

Savonarola Folding Chair

Though currently less compatible and almost hard to fold, the Savonarola chair was originally designed with the idea of easy carrying. Still, you can customize its manufacturing and design if you want a folding and lightweight seat. It’s a rare chair design, and you can use it in tight spaces too.

Stylish Side Chairs

After deep research, we have compiled a decent collection of antique side chairs. Let’s browse the top top-rated designs.

1- Klismos Side Chair

Klismos Side Chair

The origin of this chair can be traced back to the 5th century in Greece. Like many other side chairs, this unique style chair is very light in weight. The unique built front and back legs of this chair flare away. The prominent Klismos chairs are good if you want a weightless set for your room.

2- WingBack Side Chair

WingBack Side Chair

Unlike most other lightweight side chairs, the WingBack has a relatively high weight. It has a high back and offers maximum comfort to the back. Though it's the center of love in the 21st century, the WingBack originally belongs to the 17th century, and the idea lying behind it is maximum comfort and insulation.

3- Shaker Side Chair

Shaker Side Chair

Have you heard about the Shaker Rocking chair? It's a trending Shaker-style chair of the age built on the same idea as 18's Shaker chairs. These are also recliners and common in the film industry, like in most horror movies.

Invest in a good antique shaker chair if you want a seat to relieve stress while enjoying your favorite book.

4- Windsor Side Chair

Windsor Side Chair

The chair is named on the place of its origin, i.e., Windsor, England. It comes in both designs, with and without an armrest.  Belonging to the 17's furniture style, the Windsor is still a trending side chair and is commonly used as an antique chair for different events. The unique thing about these chairs is that they are made of wood. The unique chair offers a great sitting experience and adds to the style and fashion.

5- Press Back Side Chairs

Press Back Side Chairs

Press Back side chairs belong to a series of unique design Press Back chairs that were manufactured to beat the competitor in the market. These chairs have a unique feature of a combination of metal and wood in the back. Instead of carving the wood, the manufacturer made a metal plate and fixed it to the woody back of the chair.

Hardly, the arms are inserted in this style as it belongs to those chairs meant for easy compatibility. A good combination of quality and durability lies here.


An antique piece of furniture makes your decoration appealing and reminds you of nostalgia. The exclusive antique chairs come with a variety of back designs. Whether you want the one just for decorative purposes or maximum comfort, go for any of the above.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose a peculiar antique chair. Stay connected for the next useful episode.

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