Furniture in your offices, such as desks, chairs, and all kinds of equipment, is essential to work properly. If your chair is too low, you must ensure some adjustments in its height to sit peacefully for 7 to 8 hours regularly on it. So, how to make an office chair higher?

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips and tricks to increase your office chair height and make it more ergonomic to suit your needs.

How Do You Raise The Height of An Office Chair?

Modern office chairs have a lever to adjust the height, but how can an office chair be raised without a lever?

You can replace the chairs without a lever or try plenty of height-adjusting options. Besides the lever, you can also raise the height of the gas lift cylinder, adding a wood block beneath the chair and keeping the chair at a higher area. You can choose any option suitable and compatible with your chair design.

How Do You Raise The Height of An Office Chair

How to Make Office Chair Higher? - Eight Incredible Ways

The first thing you must know is the right height you need. Each person has a varying body structure with different heights, and the person's height must comply with the chair's height.

If your chair already has built-in height-adjusting features, then you shouldn’t worry. Wondering how to make an office chair higher? Follow these methods:

Get A Height Extension Kit

Get A Height Extension Kit

A height extension kit includes all the necessary items you may need during the process, such as screwdrivers, a rubber mallet, and an adjustable wrench. You can follow the right steps by getting help through the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

First, install the kit by removing the base of the chair. You can do it by detaching the safety pins and removing all the base parts with the help of a rubber mallet. Once the wheelbase is removed, put the extension kit in its place before inserting the base parts back into their position.

Add Extra Padding Or Cushions

Sometimes no drastic change in height is required, which you can easily compensate for by placing a few cushions on your chair. Instead of replacing wheels or installing a whole new extension kit, you can add extra padding or cushioning to elevate the slight height.

If you want to add something fancy, memory foam will do the best job. You can use your old cushions or height-compatible new cushions.

Invest In Bigger Casters

If your office chair doesn’t have casters, add some bigger ones. However, if casters cannot meet the required height needs, now is the time to replace them. Heavy-duty casters are better, and if you can get casters with brakes, it’d be the best option. New casters can be a good investment due to their height and easy rolling ability.

This task isn’t difficult, and you can do it by removing old casters by hand. Insert the small pin of the new caster into the plastic socket to fit properly to add 2 to 3 inches of height.

Adjust Height With Lever

Most office chairs come with a height-adjusting lever that works by the mechanism of a gas lift cylinder. You can achieve the required height by simply lifting your chair's lever.

Usually, the chair's lever is attached to the gas or hydraulic cylinder, which pushes or pulls to attain the chair's height.

Adjust Height With Lever

Replace Hydraulic Cylinder

Sometimes lever can’t meet certain needs for height because of the old hydraulic cylinder. The size of these cylinders ranges, and if you have a 5-inch cylinder, replace it with an 8-inch one.

Place your chair upside down and remove the chair's base to place the cylinder. Detach the old cylinder from the base and add the new hydraulic cylinder.

Add Wooden Block on Wheels

Wooden blocks or stacks of plywood are commonly used to elevate the office chair. These are placed between the base and seat of the chair. Make sure to get longer screws to fix them on the chair firmly. You can do it by yourself in this way:
  • Divert the position of the chair by keeping the seat downward.
  • Use a screwdriver to detach the chair tilt present beneath the seat.
  • Also, mark the spaces or holes present under the chair.
  • Cut wooden pieces 2 to 3 inches thick or at least wider than the bottom regions of chair.
  • Use a drill machine to insert holes in the wooden pieces keeping the size of the chair bottom in mind.
  • Now put the wood blocks in the required position and screw the chair again. The screws must be long enough to reach the base of the chair.

Place Chair At Height

If you do not want to change your office chair, there’s another efficient way to add height. Add a platform beneath your chair or place the chair over some height. The platform can be wooden, flat, or any other solid area.

For keeping the chair over a high area, ensure you have removed the wheel to prevent the chair from rolling.

Replace The Threaded Post

Some office chairs also include a threaded post meant to adjust the required height. You can change or replace it in the following ways:

  • Place the chair in an upside-down state.
  • Fix the chair in such a way as to avoid any movement except the thread post.
  • Move the bar up and down to ride the base of the wheels in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • After reaching a certain height, tighten the rod.
  • Keep changing the height and tightening it till you get the required results.
  • Lastly, add some lubrication for smooth movement.


What Happens If Your Office Chair Is Too Low?

If you have positioned your office chair in a too low place, you will need to bend more while getting up or performing activities. This will stress your lower body region, keens, and joints. If you keep working in such a position, you will suffer from intense joint pain.

How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever?

The pneumatic cylinder in your office chair helps adjust the height by increasing the air pressure. But chairs without it require manual changes and adjustments that do not involve a lever. A clock movement may help achieve a certain height if there's no lever.

Final Verdict

You can’t deny the importance of proper seating to keep yourself fit and secure. Sometimes, doing a normal and easy job is tough due to intense backache or pinched nerves caused by poor posture.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to make office chair higher. We hope all the tricks mentioned in this article will help to a great extent in increasing your chair’s height.

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