Uplift and Autonomous are the two most dominant brands receiving more appraisal.

Many workers rely on traditional desks for working, but it gets tough to sit the whole day, which can increase the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

What Are Special Features Offered By Uplift & Autonomous?

Having a standing desk allows you to enjoy several benefits that most contemporary desks lack. These desks increase your energy levels to work more enthusiastically, help you stay healthy and live longer, minimize the risks of cardiac diseases, enhance productivity and diminish back pain.

The top-standing brands, Uplift vs. Autonomous offer ergonomic furniture to help people work all day without getting tired. Both offer multiple advantages and have varying specialties that are listed below:

special Features Offered By Uplift & Autonomous

Uplift Standing Desk

  • Certification
Uplift standing desks are certified by GREENGUARD, which makes them safe for the environment. These desks are built in an eco-friendly way without the use of any toxins in the manufacturing process. No harsh or strong chemicals are used in them, which is best for safety reasons.
  • Hefty Frame

The frame of Uplift desks is sturdy and more powerful, with an average lifting speed of 1.57 inches per second. The frame has different colors ranging from grey, white, and black to several other alternatives. The weight of the desk is usually around 355 pounds, with an average height of 24.3 to 49.9 inches.

  • Height-Adjusting Feature

Another important and special feature Uplift offers the delivery of height-adjustable desks with smooth and least noisy motors. The hall effect sensors are also installed in these desks to prevent a sudden change of position from high to low or vice versa. To provide more legroom, they also have convertible crossbars.

  • Construction Material

These are usually built using laminate passed through high pressure containing recyclable materials. They also offer several styles of laminate desktops such as ash gray, walnut, cherry, white, black, and maple finish. The surface of these standing desks is resistant to scratches and liquids.

  • Power Grommets

Powe grommets are option features included in Uplift desks that assist you in keeping wires and cords away without rolling or pulling around the desk. It is also easy to change the position of the desk for charging devices or other purposes, While the memory storage is almost for four different positions to sit or stand.

Uplift Standing Desk

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Autonomous Standing Desk

  • Top-Notch Material
Thes standing desks are built from MDF wood desktops that can perfectly fit inside any workplace. These are the perfect addition to your office with various finishes such as bamboo, oak, white, black, gray, and walnut. Their surface is also scratch resistant.
  • Power Frame

A dual electrical engine with an internal motor and worm drive, including 2-drive gear, usually powers autonomous desks. You can smoothly move them around any corner without making noise.

  • Safety
Though both offer safety satisfaction, Autonomous SmartDesks are certified by BIFMA and EMC credentials.
  • Memory Storage

You can make 45000 to 50000 height adjustments without error by storing programmable heights in your memory. The weight is 300 pounds, reaching 51 inches of height within just 20 seconds.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Autonomous SmartDesk has extraordinary features and functions that make it called a smart desk. You can order a pizza by clicking one button considering health and other suggestions offered. You can also receive business production suggestions along with enjoying special features of Google Calendar to schedule and notify work activities.

Autonomous Standing Desk

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Comparison Of Uplift Vs. Autonomous Standing Desk

Uplift was founded in 2002 and had many features and functions similar to Autonomous. This brand usually offers L-shaped desks, corner, and standing desks. In comparison, Autonomous was founded in 2015 to provide ergonomic office furniture, including office chairs and SmartDesks.

If you have come to a point where you need to select one of these brands for your standing desk, look at this detailed comparison for clarification.

Comparison Of Uplift Vs. Autonomous Standing Desk

Desktop Size

Uplift has varying desktop sizes measuring 42 by 30 inches. Some bigger desktops are also available in 80 by 30 inches sia zes. You can choose from the following size ranges, 48 by 30 inches, 72 by 30 inches, and 60 by 30 inches. There is also a keypad to allow saving for four heights. There is clear variation in the length of these desks and other office desks.

Autonomous offers SmartDesks with two different desktop sizes. The extra large has a size of 70.5 inches in length by 30 inches in width by 1 inch in height. In contrast, the classic one has 53 inches in length by 29 inches in width by 1-inch height.

Control Box

Uplift has a control panel that is convenient to use but doesn’t offer free movement of desks upward and downward without programming presets.

On the other hand, Autonomous has an advanced control box that provides a programmable handset. This permits users to program multiple preset heights without requiring manual adjustments.


The uplift standing desk has different prices, whereas the standard V2 desk has $599 without extra or advanced features. They also offer per-month installation at $50 for the first-month plan.

In contrast, the Autonomous SmartDesk price is $479 with $36 for monthly installation. All special features come within this price range.

Desk Assembly

So how long does it take to assemble the Uplift standing desk? It is easy to assemble these desks, and the whole job takes only 1 hour. By following proper instructions, you can accomplish the task in less time.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is straightforward and requires only putting together the frame, desktop, and other accessories. You will spend a minimum of 30 minutes assembling all the parts.


The standard warranty of 10 years is offered by Uplift, and they also have a good refund policy of 30 days after buying the product to get a full refund.

While Autonomous offers five years of warranty and 30 days refund, at the same time, the desktop has a warranty of 1 year.



The varying designs and shapes make Uplift a great option to choose from. The common shapes are rectangular and contoured with several finishes, such as laminate, bamboo, and hardwood.

Autonomous also offer amazing variety with full set or frame only, multiple colors for desktop and legs. You can also customize these desks according to your personal preferences.

Both standing desks are stable, but Autonomous has a better industrial-class steel body even at the highest elevation.

Noise Level

The noise range of Uplift is 50 decibels which is too low compared to other ergonomics office desks but more than Autonomous, which offers only 45 decibels of noise.

Noise Level

Green Compliance

The hand-designed Uplift desks are made of wood and are environmentally friendly claimed by GREENGUARD. They are long-lasting due to their salvaged wood.

While Autonomous Smart Desk MDF depths prevent warping and cracking, it has a liquid-free overlay with green arrangement automation.

Wrapping Up

Considering all the features, functions, and flaws, which is better, Autonomous vs. Uplift? It is tough to decide due to the multiple specialties these two brands offer. But in the end, there can only be one winner, and Autonomous SmartDesk has better qualities than Uplift.

It isn’t only cheap to afford but also attractive, offers a good warranty, has a preset control box, and has less noise level. We hope you will not regret giving a shot to Autonomous SmartDesk as your office standing desk.

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