These are awesome because you don't have to disconnect and restart your system when you do an error typing in your documents or worry about someone else needing to access your system. You can use it just like any other standard keyboard.

Some brands of hot-swappable keyboards include Corsair, Das Keyboard, and Ducky.

What Is Hot Swappable Keyboard? - Solutions Here

What Is Hot Swappable Keyboard - Solutions Here

A hot swappable keyboard can use both at home and in the office. It is a wired peripheral device that connects to your computer through the USB port and saves your money.

The hot swappability means you don't need to turn off your computer when changing keyboards but switch with another one as it is plugged in.

This ability to connect another keyboard without turning off your computer will be very handy if you are a gamer or do intense writing for long periods.

Hot-swappable keyboards are an innovation that has been taking the market by storm. They are keyboards that can easily switch out with other ones without having to restart your computer or even shut it down. This is a great feature for gamers who often want different types of keyboards for different types of games.

Characteristics Of Hot-Swappable Keyboards

Hot-swappable is a characteristic of mechanical keyboards that is of great importance.

  • This is beneficial since it lets you test alternative switches without purchasing a new keyboard.
  • You can also use it to save all your preferred switch varieties in one location, so you don't have to switch keyboards frequently.

Proprietary Connectors or Individual Keycaps

Several methods exist for manufacturers to achieve this. Some companies have designed proprietary connectors that allow users to quickly swap out key switches in seconds by simply pushing them through the top of their keycaps and pulling another one up from underneath them.

Others offer modular designs where users can easily remove individual keycaps, then snap in replacement key switches underneath them using magnetic connectors.

Common Technologies For Hot Swappable Keyboards

The first hot-swappable keyboard was invented in 2015 by Ethan Marak and Matthew Beckman, two MIT students.

Their device connects to the computer via USB and has a built-in vacuum pump that sucks dust out from under the keys. Additionally, a cleaning tool is included so you can remove dirt and crumbs.

Nowadays, many other manufacturers have joined in on the fun.

Common technologies for hot-swappable keyboards include the following:

USB Cable

USB Cable

USB cable is the most common method of connecting your keyboard to your laptop or desktop computer. The cable plugs into one end of the device and your computer's USB port on the other. The cables can be retractable, so they don't take up much space when you're using them or stored away in a drawer somewhere.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection

Some hot swappable keyboards connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you don't need to worry about wires getting tangled up in between uses or when moving around with your laptop or tablet on its own.


Some hot swappable keyboards are small enough to fit into your hand's palm and easily slide into a pocket or case when not in use. Others are larger than average but still offer a smaller footprint than most traditional keyboards.


These keyboards tend to be lightweight, making them perfect for carrying around with you as needed. Some even have built-in batteries that charge up every time you use them with an AC adapter at home or office, ensuring that there's always power available when you need it most.


Easy To Use

The first and foremost advantage of hot-swappable keyboards is that they are easy to use. These keyboards do not require installation or configuration; you lift the lid, pull out the old keyboard, and plug in the new one.

You only need to plug it in, and it will start working immediately. You don't need to know any command to make it work, as it is a plug-and-play device.

Cost-Effective And Durable

Another advantage of hot-swappable keyboards is that they are cost-effective and durable. These keyboards are durable and can easily last for years without failure or damage.

The price range of these keyboards depends on their quality and the features available. Some high-end models can cost up to $50, while some basic models can only purchase for less than $10.

Security Options

In addition to all its other advantages, hot-swappable keyboards also offer security options such as password protection, which restricts unauthorized access to your files stored on your laptop or desktop computer system by unauthorized users.

Change Switch

In lieu of a full keyboard, it offers the flexibility to change switches.

Easy servicing and fixing

Compared to other types of keyboards, such as the PS/2, USB, and serial port versions, these types are very easy to replace and repair because they do not require special tools or knowledge to disassemble them.

This renders them ideal for businesses with high turnover rates for employees or customers who use their computers frequently.


Lack Of Availability

The majority of desktop PCs do not offer this feature.

Fixed Layout

The hot-swappable keyboard cannot be customized with different layouts, such as French or German, because it is permanently attached to the computer. The hot-swappable keyboard does not include a numeric keypad or other special keys that may be required for some applications (such as an on/off switch).

3-Pins Vs. 5-Pins

3-Pins Vs. 5-Pins

There are two types of hot-swappable keyboards:

  • 3 Pin Switches
  • 5 Pin Switches

Both types of hot-swappable switches are available for sale from several manufacturers, including Gateron, Zealios, Cherry, and Kailh.


A 3-pin switch has three prongs that plug into your PCB: two for power and one for ground. These switches have a common ground connection between the keyboard and the computer.

This means that if one of the pins is connected to the ground, the other two must also be connected. If you disconnect either of the other pins from their common ground, then your computer will not recognize the keyboard.


A 5-pin switch has five prongs – four for data and one for ground. These switches are more complex than 3-pin switches. They do not have a common ground connection between the keyboard and computer. Instead, each pin has its separate connection to both devices.

This means you could disconnect any of these pins without affecting any other pins in the system. The device would still work fine because it does not rely on those other pins connected to anything else for power or control signals like 3-pin switches do.


Q. Are All Mechanical Keyboards Hot-Swappable?

  1. No. Only some mechanical gaming keyboards offer hot-swapping. The tenkeyless (TKL) form factor is the most common type, which doesn't have a Numpad. This allows users to swap out their keyboards for different game genres easily.

For example, you might want a keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches for first-person shooter games and then swap out a board with Cherry MX Brown switches for typing or playing strategy games.

Q. Should you get a hot-swappable keyboard easily?

  1. If you love mechanical keyboards, then yes! It's a simple way to try out innovations of switches without having to buy multiple boards with different types of switches already installed on them.

If you're unsure what kind of switch feels best, then trying out different boards will make it easier to figure out than if you had just bought one board with a specific type of switch already installed.

Q. Are All Hot-Swappable Keyboards Compatible With All Switches?

  1. Not all hot-swappable keyboards are compatible with all switches. If you want to use a different switch, you'll also have to buy another keyboard.

We recommend using a mechanical switch when switching between different types of keys. You can also use this trick with Cherry MX Red and Blue switches if you want to try out different colors without buying another keyboard.

Q. What Are The Most Popular Hot-Swappable Keyboards?

  1. There's no one best brand of hot-swappable keyboards — there are too many options for us to choose between the two. But we did find some favorites among our team members: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, Corsair K65 Rapidfire RGB, and Corsair K55 RGB (which comes with Cherry MX Red switches).

Wrap Up

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