The Magic Keyboard by Apple is a great option because it has several features that make it stand out from the competition.
But is the magic keyboard worth it? Let’s find out.

What Are The Features Of Magic Keyboard?

is the magic keyboard worth it
Apple products are known for their stunning design, top-quality construction, and overall reliability

The Magic Keyboard by Apple is expensive, but if you are looking for a reliable keyboard, it is worth paying extra.
Some believe that it is one of the best keyboards on the market. Some people who have used it say that it is amazing.
On the other hand, some do not like it because they say it is too expensive.

Before purchasing you should be familiar with the features of the magic keyboard, which are as it is:

A Sleek Accessory

One of the biggest improvements of the Magic Keyboard is its design. The Magic Keyboard has a sleek look and feels at just 0.35 inches thick and 2 pounds (1 kilogram). The keys have been redesigned from their previous square shape to a rectangular shape with rounded edges, which makes them easier to hold while typing.

The Magic Keyboard is a sleek accessory that's built exclusively for typists. It has a full-size, roomy keyboard with crisp, responsive keys that make typing more comfortable. And it pairs automatically with your Mac, so you need to plug it in and start typing.

In addition to its sleek look, Apple designed this keyboard specifically for typists, so it feels comfortable under your fingers. At the same time, you use it every day — even after hours of typing at home or in the office.

It is a sleek accessory on your desk and uses Type C USB for charging.

The Magic Keyboard uses the same wireless technology as other wireless keyboards, so there is no need to worry about losing signal or battery life because of poor placement in your home or office.

Extra Fast Charging

It is a cool back-lit keyboard with an amazing lightning-fast USB-C charging port that can charge your phone or tablet in less than 30 seconds.


The Magic Keyboard features an ultra-thin design with a high-precision butterfly mechanism, optimized key travel, and a low-profile enclosure for a desktop typing experience that feels more intimate and immediate. The keyboard also includes a rechargeable battery and is made of anodized aluminum with a sealed internal electronics compartment to protect it from spills.


The Magic Keyboard is available in Silver and Space Gray colors, as well as English (US), English (UK), French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Upto Three Devices Connects

The Magic Keyboard supports up to three devices connected simultaneously via Bluetooth wireless technology or wired USB-C or Lightning connections with Apple's standard USB-C charging cable or the included power adapter.

Magic keyboards Built Exclusively For Typists

is the magic keyboard worth it

The Apple Magic Keyboard was designed exclusively for typists. With an all-new scissor mechanism, it features a low profile that reduces the force needed to press keys and provides excellent stability. The keys are also more extensive and stable than previous generations. And because the keyboard is optimized for macOS, it’s fully compatible with iCloud and iOS devices.

The Magic Keyboard also works with any device that supports Bluetooth technology.

It means it will work with your laptop or desktop computer just as well as your smartphone or tablet.

Magic Keyboards Are Wireless And Rechargeable

is the magic keyboard worth it

The Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that connects to your Mac or Windows computer over Bluetooth. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 month on a full charge. You can also use the Magic Keyboard with your iPad (fourth generation) or iPhone (7 and later).

Magic Keyboards work with macOS Mojave and later. They're compatible with iOS 12 and later.


Magic keyboards are wireless and rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about batteries. Connect the Lightning cable to your computer or iPad Pro, and the keyboard charges while you work. Use it for up to three months on a single charge. The keyboard also has a built-in battery indicator that shows the remaining battery life on an LED light bar. Connecting a Magic Keyboard with a Lightning connector to your iPad Pro automatically pairs with the device.

Pros And Cons Of Magic Keyboard

While there are benefits to using a Magic Keyboard, there are cons.



  • There are no moving parts inside the Magic Keyboard. The keys themselves are static, so there is no chance of them becoming loose over time.

  • Its keys are smaller than on a standard keyboard.

  • It features an internal battery that will keep its two AA batteries charged for up to three years.

  • The function keys are located on the right-hand side of the keyboard, rather than the top.

  • You can also use it while charging if you have multiple devices plugged into one socket in your home or office space.

  • It costs a lot more than other keyboards on the market.

  • You must be careful with typing since the keys are raised off the keyboard's surface.

  • It uses USB-C for power rather than traditional USB plugs or Micro-USB cords like most Bluetooth keyboards, which means it will only work with newer Macs.

What Makes The Magic Keyboard Stand Out?

If you are searching for a keyboard to help you get your work done more efficiently, look no further.

The Magic Keyboard is worth it if you plan on investing.

It is great for heavy typists who plan on spending hours working at their desks.

You will love typing on your new Magic Keyboard, which will replace an old, third-party keyboard.

With the Magic Keyboard, you will feel like you are doing yourself a favor every time you sit to write an email or draft up some slides.

Is Magic Keyboard Better Than Smart?

The Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard are both wireless keyboard options produced by Apple Inc. Still, they have some key differences that make them better suited for different users and situations.

Magic Keyboard

Smart Keyboard

Traditional wireless keyboard - used with Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones.

Designed specifically for use, the iPad Pro


 a slim, compact design, low-profile keys, and a built-in rechargeable battery.


a slim and durable design and is water and stain-resistant, making it a good option for users who need a keyboard that can withstand spills and accidents.

It is a lightweight, portable keyboard that attaches to the iPad via a magnetic connection and uses the Smart Connector to draw power and exchange data.

The Magic Keyboard also has a row of function keys for quick access to standard functions, and some models feature a built-in trackpad for use with the iPad.

However, the Smart Keyboard's keys have a slightly different feel compared to traditional keyboards, and it does not have a trackpad or function keys.

Whether the Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard is better depends on your specific needs and use case. If you're looking for a versatile keyboard that can be used with a range of Apple devices, the Magic Keyboard is likely the better choice. However, the Smart Keyboard may be better if you primarily use an iPad Pro and need a highly portable and durable keyboard.

What Does Make Magic Keyboard Worth The Money?

The Magic Keyboard by Apple is expensive, but if you are looking for a reliable keyboard, it is worth paying extra.

It costs $200, more than twice the price of most other keyboards on the market.

This makes it a good investment if you are looking for a reliable keyboard that will last years and years without breaking down or having to be replaced.

The Magic Keyboard has many features that make it worth the money:

  • It is made of aluminum with smooth edges that feel great when typing on them, especially compared to plastic keyboards from other companies like Microsoft or Logitech might have some nicer designs but are still cheap out.
  • There are two levels of backlighting so you can choose how bright your light looks when working in dimly lit rooms where sunlight does not reach everywhere very well.

One level gives off little blue glows, while another gives a red glow, which looks even better.

  • If you spend lots of time typing away at your computer each day, this may not be apt for everyone due to its high price tag.

But if all you want is something durable enough not to break easily, then yes, definitely, it is worth investing in this product.

What is so special about the Magic Keyboard?

The Magic Keyboard has a beautiful, newly designed glass-covered keyboard. The multiple layers of paint, the precise alignment of keys, and the tight edge-to-edge fit of each keycap create a typing experience that feels as good as it looks.

Magic Keyboard features an incredible typing experience, a built-in trackpad to handle precision tasks, and a 14-key function row.

The Magic Mouse 2 includes the same rechargeable lithium polymer battery that powers Apple’s other wireless devices. It is also equipped with Multi-Touch gestures for precise cursor control, the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally, zoom in and out, and more.

The Magic Trackpad 2 is designed to work seamlessly with your Mac notebook or desktop computer. It supports Force Touch trackpads on MacBook Pro models, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse 2.

How is the Magic Keyboard Different?

The Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard produced by Apple Inc. designed to be used with their Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones. Here are some ways in which the Magic Keyboard is different from other keyboards:

  1. Wireless connectivity: The Magic Keyboard connects to your computer or mobile device using Bluetooth, allowing you to use it without any cables or wires.
  2. Compact design: The Magic Keyboard has a slim and compact design, which makes it easy to carry around and use on the go. It is also designed to take up less space on your desk than a traditional keyboard.
  3. Built-in rechargeable battery: The Magic Keyboard features a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using a Lightning cable. This means you don't need to keep replacing batteries as you would with a traditional wireless keyboard.
  4. Low-profile keys: The Magic Keyboard has low-profile keys with a scissor mechanism, which provides a comfortable typing experience and reduces noise.
  5. Multi-touch trackpad: The Magic Keyboard for the iPad has a built-in multi-touch trackpad, allowing you to use gestures to navigate your device, similar to how you would work on a laptop.
  6. Function keys: The Magic Keyboard features a row of function keys that provide quick access to standard functions such as adjusting screen brightness, volume, and media playback.

Overall, the Magic Keyboard is designed to be a highly portable and convenient keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience while offering a range of features tailored for Apple devices.

Our Final Verdict

The Magic Keyboard by Apple is a great investment if you plan on investing in your typing skills.

It is a serious upgrade for users who want a seamless typing experience, especially if you are a fast typer.

Integrating the new technology gives you faster response times and improved ease of use.

If typing or gaming is integral to your daily practice or entertainment, it may be worth spending the extra money on this keyboard.

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