Pain at the top of the buttock when sitting is a common complaint that many different problems can cause. Pain in this area can cause by various conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, muscle spasm, and muscle strain. In addition to these problems, some patients may have pain due to nerve compression or irritation.

Causes Of Pain at the Top of Buttock Crack When Sitting

Before starting proper treatment, it's good to diagnose what causes the buttock crack pains. Here are the major contributing factors.

1- Weak Muscles

Certain reasons may lead to weak muscles. Vitamin D deficiency is the major cause of such a situation. Some other reasons that may weaken the muscles are pregnancy, lack exercising, and muscle injury.

2- Stiffness of Muscles

Are you familiar with muscle stiffness? It's a situation when body muscles become so tight that they start painting. Several reasons may lead to this disease; however, the most common ones are flexible exercise routines, workouts for a long time, and no physical activity.  

When you keep sitting, in the office or at home, for a long time, it also results in muscles' inactivity. This inactivity, in turn, results in severe or minor buttock pain.

3- Pilonidal Disease

Besides the reasons mentioned above, pilonidal disease also causes pain at the top of the buttocks. It's the most severe and dangerous pain condition and mostly occurs in men. This disease is due to the infected cyst. In difficult situations, it may result in redness of the surrounding skin, swelling, and even pus drainage. So, it must not be left untreated if diagnosed.

4- Piriformis Syndrome and Poor Cushioned Disc

The pressure on the sciatic nerve from sitting for a long time results in Piriformis syndrome. The Piriformis muscles are also affected due to this issue, which causes buttock crack pain.  

Ageing and some other reasons lead to poorly cushioned discs. This results in maximum friction between bones. So, the bones start paining, and buttock bones are not an exception to such pains. So, one may also suffer buttock crack pain when sitting due to the less cushioning of bones.

How to Get Rid of Pain at the Top of Buttock Crack When Sitting?

Treating the buttock crack pain depends on the condition and the reasons for this pain. In rare cases, one may have to see the doctor. Otherwise, physical exercise will also work for it. Let's see when to do physical exercise and when to see the doctor.

Treatment of Buttock Crack Pain From Doctors

Out of all the reasons, the last one, i.e., Pilonidal disease, will need to be cured by any specialist doctor. It's not a minor case to be overlooked, so see your doctor when you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above. If you think the disease will heal on its own, you are wrong.


This case also requires some preventive measurements and proper treatment for healing. The doctor will diagnose the severity of the cyst swelling and pus drainage. If it's not so severe, he will drain the cyst at the local clinic. This will need to numb the particular area with some local anaesthesia.

However, if the cyst is severely affected, you'll have to see the doctor in the hospital. There he will carry out surgical intervention to remove the cyst. This procedure will be carried out by using General anaesthesia to sleep the patient to avoid pain. The healing duration may be somewhere between 6 to 10 days.

Preventive Measurements For Buttock Crack Pain

Removing the cyst is not enough to eliminate Buttock Crack pain resulting from pilonidal disease. Rather you'll have to take some preventive measurements at your home too. Here is how to care for the infected cyst.

  • Keep the affected area dry
  • Try to keep the cyst area dry for a maximum time
  • Use the prescribed antibiotics like soap or alcohol
  • Use the prescribed medicines

Treatment of Buttock Crack Pain Through Exercise

If the buttock cracks, and pain results from the first two reasons mentioned above, it's better to perform some exercise to get rid of it. Here is how to do it.

Massage the Affected Area

For separation and active movement of the muscle fibres, a deep massage is necessary. So, manage to massage the affected area from any spa or wherever possible. This will relieve the muscles' stiffness, too, to some extent. Hence the mobility of muscles will be restored.  

Muscle Stretching

The initial step, massage, will relieve the muscle stiffness that will relieve the buttock crack pain. But keeping the muscles stretched is necessary for permanent relief. So, go for back and buttock crack exercises to eliminate the pain permanently.

Sciatic nerves are also disturbed for a long time; proper exercise will keep them active too. So, add proper exercise to your daily routine to prevent buttock crack pain.  

Hot and Cold Compresses

If you have mild pain in your buttocks, you can use cold and hot compresses to get rid of it. However, the severe pain will not be elevated through this treatment.  

How to Avoid Pain at the Top of Buttock Crack?

Here are some tips that will help you prevent buttock crack pain.

  • Invest in a good and comfortable office chair.
  • Sit in proper posture.
  • Add proper workouts to your daily routine.
  • Try to relax after a little time if you have to sit for a long period.
  • Report to your doctor if you see any swelling or reddish area near the buttocks.


Pain at the top of the buttock crack when sitting will not inconvenience you if you start treating it properly once diagnosed. If you leave it unchecked, it may create much disturbance for you. Certain workouts and exercises will also prove effective in relieving the pain. No matter which trick you adopt to relax your muscles, keep them active at any cost. Health is wealth, so never ignore the little health tips. We would love to receive your comments either for correction or addition. Thank you so much for reading us with keen in.

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